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About Greg Boucher




Greg has extensive experience working with privately held middle market businesses in M&A advisory, capital raises, recapitalizations, exit and strategic planning, tactical marketing, and business development.  

Greg’s experience includes providing management consulting and mergers and acquisition advisory services to clients in the health information technology, software, internet, mobile, cyber security, broadband, and government contracting sectors.

Prior to his career in investment banking, Mr. Boucher spent nearly two decades in corporate and regional strategic marketing roles for privately held companies, start-ups, and Fortune 1,000 companies.

Greg holds a Masters Certificate in Business Management from the A. B. Freeman Graduate School of Business at Tulane University, and a BS in Organizational Communications with an emphasis on marketing and public relations from Missouri State University. 

Greg sits on the board of the Maryland Tech Council and on the board of the Maryland Chapter of XPX, where he was the founding President.  Greg has served more than ten years as a committee chair and board member and as Past President (2016-2017) of the Maryland Chapter of the Association of Corporate Growth and was a founding board member of the Middle Market Investment Banking Association and the Mid-Atlantic Business Intermediaries Association. He has received honors in consecutive years as an Instructor of Great Distinction from the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts.

Greg’s past and current professional certifications and licenses include: Certified Merger & Acquisition Advisor (CMAA); Chartered Mergers and Acquisitions Professional (CMAP); Certified Business Intermediary (CBI); Certified Machinery & Equipment Appraiser (CMEA); Certified Business Counselor (CBC); Senior Business Analyst (SBA), and as a commercial Realtor. 

Greg also holds active series 7, 63 and 79 securities licenses.

Greg speaks publicly at several events annually, including events for XPX, The Maryland Tech Council, the Howard County Tech Council, the Howard County Chamber of Commerce and several CEO peer groups. 

Greg is the President of StrataSource Consulting, an M&A and consulting firm specializing in lower middle market transaction advisory and growth in the health information technology, software, internet, mobile, cyber security, broadband, and government contracting sectors.

Speaking Engagements



Over 100 speaking engagements in the 15 years 2004 - 2018. Attached is a list of speaking engagements where I was the primary speaker, instructor or moderator.



Selling your Business for Top Dollar 

-  StrataSource Consulting Seminar – Nov. 2004

Using M&A to Generate Revenue and Retain Clients 

-  StrataSource Consulting Professional Services Seminar – Apr. 2005

Workshop – Planning your Exit Strategy. An Interactive How-To Guide

- StrataSource Consulting Workshop – Nov. 2006

Exit Strategies. A Planned Approach to Leave your Business

- The McLean Group Seminar – Apr 2007

Preparing for the Sale: The M&A Workshop

- The M&A Workshop – The McLean Group – May 2008

Doing Deals in a Down Economy (Event Producer & Panelist)

- Baker Tilly Quarterly Client Seminars – May 2009

Financing Growth and M&A in a Challenging Economy

- Panelist – Growth Companies Seminar, May 2009

Building Value Today to Exit on Top

- Baker Tilly – Feb. 2010

Key Note: Using Seller Financing to Bridge the Buyer/ Seller Price-Gap

- The National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts State Chapter Meeting (Virginia) – Apr. 2010

Driving Value in M&A Transactions in the Middle Market

- Johns Hopkins University Cary School of Business – Mar. 2010:

The Top 10 Strategic and Tactical Imperatives for Entrepreneurs

-Panel Moderator - TEDCO Annual Entrepreneurship Expo – Nov. 2011

Hot Technology M&A Sectors and why Valuations Vary So Widely Among Them

- Panelist/Producer – Growth Companies Seminar – Nov. 2011

The Short and Long Term Future For M&A Activity. Deal Dynamics, Valuation, Drivers and Markets in an Era of Uncertainty

- Moderator/Panelist/Producer – Growth Companies Seminar (Whiteford, Taylor & Preston, Bernstein Advisors & The McLean Group) – Oct. 2012

Tech & Government Contracting Deal Dynamics, Valuation, Drivers and Markets

- Morgan Stanley – Nov. 2012

Fifteen Ways to Leave your Livelihood. The Realities of the Deal.

- Johns Hopkins University, 2nd Annual Carey Business School Entrepreneurship Conference – Mar. 2008

For Government Contractors: Deal Dynamics, Valuation, Drivers and Markets in an Era of Uncertainty

- Moderator/Panelist/Producer – Growth Companies Seminar (Whiteford, Taylor & Preston, Bernstein Advisors & The McLean Group) – Sep. 2012

Flexibility Key Driver for 2013 M&A - 2012 Review & 2013 Forecast of Valuation and Markets

- Moderator/Panelist/Producer – Growth Companies Seminar (Whiteford, Taylor & Preston, Bernstein Advisors & The McLean Group) – Feb. 2013

The Role of the Investment Banker in Creating a Competitive Process

- Moderator/Panelist/Producer – Growth Companies Seminar (Whiteford, Taylor & Preston, Bernstein Advisors & The McLean Group) – Dec. 2014

Drivers that Affect Value

- Whiteford, Taylor & Preston Partners Conference – Oct. 2014

Why Hire an Investment Banker?

- AHA (CBS) Radio – Apr. 2016

The Value of a Professional Assessment for Companies Contemplating an M&A

- Comcast Spotlight with Tom Spottiswood – Jul. 2009



The National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts Annual Consultants Conference

- Mergers & Acquisitions Workshop – Sell-Side M&A – Jul. 2007

- Sell-Side Full-Day M&A Educational Workshop – Jun. 2008

- Corporate and Business Development in M&A: Building Deal Flow – Jun. 2008

- Mergers & Acquisitions Workshop: Building Deal Flow in M&A – Aug. 2009

- Generating Quality Deal Flow - Panelist – Jun. 2010

- Developing M&A Deal Flow in Specialty Industries and Introduction to Exit Planning - The Hottest Topic for M&A Advisors – Jun. 2011 

The Middle Market Investment Bankers Association Conferences

Mastering Skills In Sales & Marketing in M&A -- Practice Development Series

     - Sep. 2010

     - Dec. 2010

     - Oct. 2012

     - Feb. 2013

     - Jun. 2013

     - Dec. 2013

The National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts Consultant’s Training Institute

Mergers & Acquisitions Workshop – Sell-Side M&A – Sep. 2007

Marketing and Sales Skills in M&A

     - Sep. 2008

     - Oct. 2008

Mastering the Skills of Sales & Marketing in Professional Services

     - Oct. 2010

     - Aug. 2011

Practice Development Workshop: How to Build an M&A Practice

     - Dec. 2011

     - Aug. 2012

The McLean Group Conferences 

Business Development in M&A. Sales Strategies to Building a Robust Pipeline

     - May 2008

     - Mar. 2009 

Business Development in M&A. A Practitioners Guide - Annual Bankers Conference

     - May 2009

 Secrets to Developing a Practice Specialty in M&A. Sales and Marketing Seminar

     - Mar. 2009 

     - Jun. 2010

The Mid-Atlantic Business Intermediaries Association

- M&A in the Middle Market - Sep. 2007

Chesapeake Regional Tech Council – Finance Forum

- The State of the M&A Economy in Tech --  Jan. 2009

- Producer/Panelist:  The Current State of Business Lending & Credit – Apr. 2015

- Producer/Moderator: Mergers and Acquisitions -- The Nuts & Bolts – Apr. 2016

- Financing the Growth of your Technology Company – Oct. 2016

XPX Quarterly Affinity Group Case Study Roundtables (Producer/Moderator): 

- What goes up… Must go down? – Sep. 2015

- Human Capital Considerations in M&A – Nov. 2015

- Member Challenge – Jan. 2016

- Where’s the Beef? – Mar. 2016

- A Tragedy in Three Generations – May. 2016

- Common Maladies of a Family Owned Business – Sep. 2016

- Sellers Remorse and Finding a Higher Mountain to Climb – Nov. 2016

- Who can it be, now? Finding the best buyer for business. – Feb. 2017

- Key Employees as Investors – May. 2017

- Are you in or are you out? Firing a partner who is not pulling their weight anymore without screwing up or breaking the bank. – Feb. 2017

- What goes well with Mexican food, a grocery store and organic produce?  (Which model wins out? Sell or Reinvest and Expand?) – Apr. 2018

- A Case of Complicated Conditions – Risk and the Absentee Buyer – Jun. 2018

- Searching for life in a Deal that is DOA – Sep. 2018

XPX Maryland Chapter Monthly Speaker’s Series (Moderator/Producer/Speaker):

- Rethinking Referrals — Why Conventional Wisdom Is Wrong And What To Do About It – Nov. 2015

- Moderator/Producer – XPX Maryland Chapter Monthly Speaker’s Series – Nov. 2015

- What role does due diligence play in deal making and how can understanding it help me prepare for an exit? – Feb. 2015

- Using Buy / Sell Agreements – Sep. 2015

- Private Equity - Building Value - Getting Inside the Minds of the Companies that Back the Deals – Jan. 2016

- The Family is always First! The Business is always First! What would you tell your client? – Feb. 2016

- Understanding the 12 Levers of Business Value – Mar. 2017

- Passing the Family Torch without Getting Burned – Jan. 2017

- Business Transition from the Advisor’s Viewpoint. Options, Challenges and Opportunities – Dec. 2014

- Exit Planning and The Role of the Quarterback - Moderator/Producer – Apr. 2017

Panelist – Howard County Tech Council

- Honey, We Need to Talk About Cyber Risk – Jan. 2016

- Cyber Security Tricks and Treats – Oct. 2018

Chairman/Master of Ceremonies – ACG Maryland Deal of the Year – May 2017

Venture Capital Investing and Procuring Financing in Cyber Security Moderator/Producer

- Howard County Chamber of Commerce – Annual Cyber Conference – Jun. 2017

The Maryland Tech Council Capital Forums & Annual Conference

- Human Capital Implications in Market Attractiveness, Valuation, Transaction and Integration in M&A – Panelist (Speakers Series) – Mar. 2017

- What’s your number? $9 Billion. $1 Trillion. 15%. $31.2 Billion. FOUR BIG numbers that all point to massive funding and consolidation -- Moderator/Producer Capital Forum – May 2018

- Moderator/Producer – The Maryland Tech Council – Annual Conference (Venture Capital Session) Who’s Getting the $10 Billion Annually in VC Investment In The DMV? – Sep. 2018



M&A Activity in an Era of Uncertainty: Deal Dynamics, Valuation, Drivers and Markets

- The Alternative Board (CEO Peer Advisory Group) – Dec. 2012

Creating Strategic Value: Generating a Strategic Plan that Works, Drives Sustainable Growth, & Creates Value

- Offitt Kurman Law (CEO Peer Advisory Group) – Apr. 2016 

Enter Through the Exit Door

- The Inner Circle – Mid Atlantic Regional Meeting (CEO Peer Advisory Group) – May 2008

Exit Planning, M&A, and How to Exploit Current Market Trends

- The Alternative Board (CEO Peer Advisory Group) – Aug. 2007

Financing Growth for Privately Held Companies

- Clark Leadership (CEO Peer Advisory Group) – May 2017